How to Install and Setup HP Wireless Printer?

HP wireless printer will give you a completely effortless printing solution through various devices. But to enjoy this feature you need to install and setup the HP wireless printer in the right manner with recommended configuration and settings. And if you don’t know how to install and setup HP wireless printer read below the steps described by the printer experts.

Wireless printer setup1

Keep Ready Your Printer for Setup

First of all you have to prepare your computer for Printer setup. Uninstall any previously installed printer and make sure your system has minimum requirement to install and setup this new printer. Turn-on your printer to keep it ready and gets a USB cable with optimum length to connect your PC with printer. For HP wireless printer setup you can also take expert help.     

How to uninstall the Printer Device?

If you have already installed any other printer into your computer and now looking to install another printer setup then remove the previous one. To remove such devices go into search windows for “devices” and then click Devices and Printers control panel setting in the results to find the printer. Right click on printer and then click on remove device if there are multiple icons of various printer devices installed, then remove all of them together or one-by-one.

Install Printer Driver and Setup Connection

Now you have to install HP printer driver compatible with your computer. Find the driver as per the printer and computer operating system. And for HP printer go to enter your printer model and follow the onscreen instructions to download the driver. Depending on the printer model your computer will download guided driver installation app HP Easy Start will be download and if downloading fails contact HP printer support phone number for online help.    

Install Wireless Printer Software on your PC

To control the functions of your HP printer and operate with your computer you have to install the printer software of HP wireless printer. Along with your printer device you also get a CD having the software just install this software as per the instructions comes on your screen.

When you are prompted and asked connection type you can select either “Through the Network, Network or Wireless for wireless printer. The connection type depends on model and type of printer and in some cases printer software may automatically find your wireless setting. Now follow the instruction further and finish the installation process.

HP Printer 3

HP printer installation is not a difficult task if everything goes well, but an error occurs or installation of driver of software not completed you can call at HP customer support for online help, where a technician will check the issue remotely and solve the problem with right solution.    

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