How To Recover Data From HP Envy Laptops?

The HP Envy is a new member of HP laptop’s family that comes with outstanding features. This laptop have attractive design and style statement and is excellent beat audio system, high level of graphics that gives another level to video watching and playing games it comes along with fast processing speed as it is designed special for gaming purpose, those who are passionate about gaming must go for HP Envy laptops. But one cannot be sure that it is completely free from data loss; as you might lose crucial files in some unfavorable situations and find a need to recover files from HP Envy. To overcome this issues envy users can avail an online support from HP envy support services.

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Losing files from HP Envy can be highly annoying, as it might consist of your essential data such as office files, personal pictures, family videos, favorite games, important applications etc. Unfortunately, there is no such solution to avert lost data. Now let’s review some common factors that are responsible for losing files from HP Envy.

Repetitive formatting:

Some of the users have a habit of formatting their laptop frequently, which might become a cause of losing files and folders from HP Envy when it is performed without taking backup of necessary files and folders.

 Incorrect partition:

 Incorrect partition is another reason of data loss, like if you find the need of another partition to manage data efficiently and while trying to repartition the drive you may encounter errors, this may end up in loss of complete data.

 Unsecure tool usage:

 Use of unsecure tool may delete your important files and other data creating a need for HP Envy file recovery.

How to save data from HP ENVY laptop?

To save important and crucial data from your HP envy laptop one can-

•    Connect your HP ENVY laptop hard disk to a Windows PC or laptop
•    Download “Yodot Hard Drive Recovery” application to the Windows system and install it in a proper manner and to complete the installation process customers can avail an online support from HP support services.
•    Run the application and wait for the main screen to appear.
•    On the main screen you will get two options, “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”
•    Select an appropriate option according to your requirement.
•    This Software will scans Windows system and will shows all logical drives along with your laptop hard drive that is connected externally on the system.
•    Select your HP ENVY laptop hard drive and click “Next”
•    Now, choose the file types that you want to recover.
•     Click on Next, to start application recovery process.
•    After the scanning process is completed, all recoverable files will be displayed in Data view / File Type view.
•    Now you can navigate through the list and can easily pick up your required file that you want to save.
•    Finally, you can specify preferred destination location on host system to save the recovered files on your desired location.

hp envy laptop support2

Thus these were some of the simple steps one can follow to recover data on HP Envy laptops. To follow the above mentioned step one need to be highly careful and skipping a single step will not recover the data successfully. So to fulfill this task in a proper manner one can avail an online support from HP envy support services.  These are the online support services working round the clock to offer right solutions to the US customers through the use of remote technology. These online support services are offered by learned and experienced technicians working nonstop to offer best solutions to the US customers. To avail these best online support services customers can give a toll-free call at HP envy support number. So just pick up your cell phone and give a toll-free call at these support services to avail best solutions immediately on to your desk.



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